Darin Shapiro

Learn a deep water start on a Wakeboard in 5 easy steps by World Champion Darin Shapiro

1. Learning a deep water start is easiest when using a boat with a tower to attach your rope to. This is true for all wake sports, wake surfing, kneeboarding and waterskiing.

2. Sit in the water with your board in front of you while draping the rope atop of the center of the board. Have the board floating between you and the boat.

3. The boat driver should idle slowly in and out of gear to gradually tighten up the rope slack.

4. Allow the boat to start pulling you without pushing your legs out, try holding your legs in. This is the most important point. Do not try to muscle yourself out of the water. Instead try keeping your heels close to your butt  until you are planing and completely out of the water.

5. At this point begin slowly standing up allow the handle to drift to the side of your body that is the same as your forward foot.

Darin Shapiro

Kien Shapiro with Darin Shapiro on Lake Conway

Happy shredding!

Kien Shapiro 5 years old.


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