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5 Quick tips for Toeside wake jumping with Wakeboard World Champion Darin Shapiro

These are a few helpful tips on improving your toeside wake jump. Here, I’ll go through a few different ways to accomplish this sometimes awkward approach and edging position. This article is intended for beginners and intermediate wakeboarders.

1. First, practice edging out toeside from the side of the wake to the side of the boat. Get comfortable with being in a toeside stance and edging out with your chest rotated and hidden from the boat.

2. Try pushing the handle towards your lead hips butt cheek. If you are left foot forward push the handle to the left and rotate your hips and shoulders to the right. If you are right foot forward push the handle to the right and rotate your hips to the left.

3. Practice crossing the wakes toeside with the boat going super slow, starting wide on the side of the boat and finishing wide on the other side of the boat. Get used to swinging across the wakes while holding the rotated body position. Try this at 17.5mph or slower for kids, with a rope length at around 70ft.

4. Some wakeboarders like to let go with their back arm as they ride over the first wake, this is useful wake to wake or riding across at slow speed. Whichever way you choose, whether it be one or two handed, you’ll need to keep your back shoulder continuously leaning away from the boat.

5. Another way to think about keeping your lean against the line is to take off and land on the same edge. This will help you keep your back shoulder down and help the line support you. Whether your edging, popping, or landing, your lean away from the boat shouldn’t change much throughout the swing across the wakes.

Note: You can’t practice the slow speed drill of taking long cuts across the the wake too much. It will allow your body to understand holding a toeside edging position through the entire arc of traveling across the wakes from one side of the boat to the other. The only thing that changes when you raise the boat speed and decide to jump the wake is you edge harder and push off a bit more.

Happy shredding!

Darin Shapiro

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