Darin Shapiro wakeboarding

5 quick tips on how to weight a wakeboard boat by World wakeboard champion Darin Shapiro

Here are a few tips on setting up your wakeboard boat wake to provide a better riding and driving experience. Using either people in the boat or ballast tanks you can balance the boat from side to side or front to back to make improvements to the wake size and shape.

1. Take a look at your wake. Is it crumbly on one side or are both sides “clean” and even? If you notice the wake has more whitewater on one side then move the weight in the boat towards the side with more whitewater or “the crumbling side”.

2. If both side are even but have whitewater you should try adding weight towards the bow. Moving weight to the front will help get the nose of the boat down and can help clean up the wake. People often weight the rear of the boat too much and should consider using a 60/40 approach. Sixty percent in back and forty percent in the front is a good starting point. If your bow is pointed at the sky and you are unable to plane, take some weight out of the rear and add some to your bow.

3. Boat speed also can help improve your wake. Some boats that are heavily weighted and balanced will need a little extra speed to polish up a well weighted boat. As fast as 23.5mph to even 24.5mph could be necessary.

4. When driving a heavily weighted wakeboard boat be cautious as the characteristics of the boat will different than when driving an unweighted boat. Stopping quickly can cause water to rush into the boat from behind, going through rollers at slow speed can cause water to come over the bow, and the way your boat handles in the turn can be different than what your used to. Practice driving with the boat weighted before pulling a rider.

5. Once the boat wake is set up nicely take notice and hopefully your pals in the boat can stay put until your done shredding. Even one person moving around in the boat can wreak havoc on your precision wake! Kindly ask your passengers to keep their behinds in one spot until you finish.


Darin Shapiro Wakeboarding Lake Mary Jane

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