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5 basic wakeboard terms you need to know by wakeboard world champion Darin Shapiro

I figured I would list a few key wakeboard terms you’ll want to make sure you know if your going to be spending time around wake boarding, wake surfing, or wake skating.

1. Heelside or toeside? When your are approaching the wake with your toes facing the wake (which usually includes your chest as well) and you are pressuring the toe side edge of your board you are toeside. When your are approaching the wake with your heels and butt facing the wake (many beginners refer to this as their easy side) while pressuring the heels against the edge of the board, this is heelside.

2. Wake to wake. When a trick or jump is done and you jump over the entire wake. Sometimes this is known as jumping two wakes as beginners will often learn to jump one side of the wake first or “one wake”.

3. Frontside and backside spinning. Spinning frontside is when the rider rotates into the spin with their chest and front of their body showing first into the spin. Backside rotations are when the rider goes into their rotation and their back of their body lead into the spin.

4. Casing the wake. When you hear someone say “he cased the wake” they mean the rider landed on top of the wake instead of clearing the wake or going completely wake to wake. This term comes from motocross when a rider didn’t quite clear the jump and landed ontop of the jump on their motor casing. Casing is not fun on a wakeboard or a dirt bike.

5. Blind 180’s are called backside 180’s, to poke is to press out your board during a jump or grab, sliders are often called rails, grabs are when you grab the board in the air, and inverts are flips. I threw a few quick ones in there but the list goes on.

I hope this is helpful to new riders and parents who want to sound a little more in touch with the action than they might have before.

Darin Shapiro wakeboarding Mexico

Darin Shapiro wakeboarding Mexico


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